Writing stories was my escape as a child. Building a canopy of words felt like a protection and at the same time, a way to reflect myself back into the world—a way to be seen.

I was the kid in fourth grade who wrote a twenty-five page "novel" when Mr. Davis asked us to write a short story. I was the one in fifth grade correcting Mr. Saunders' spelling errors, which he encouraged and in doing so created the word nerd that I am today.

I treated my love of writing as a hobby through college and for twenty years into my professional career, mostly focused on freelance feature writing for local publications in Michigan, Montana, and Wisconsin. My interview skills and innate curiosity pushed me forward professionally and built my confidence to ask questions in any situation.

As a corporate dropout, I look back now and am thankful for the opportunities I had to build my leadership skills, educate teams, and learn that even though I hate sales, relationship building will take you far in life—professional or otherwise. 

But the toxicity and stress of being at the mercy of someone else's vision wasn't for me. 

As a freelance writer, proofreader, and copywriter, I'm excited to help businesses grow on their terms, while feeling free and accountable in my own structure and expertise. I'm excited to tell the stories that need to be told to help us all open our minds and thrive.

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Karwendelbahn is no Mt. Everest, but it does feel like you're on top of the world. Straddling the German and Austrian border in the Alps, this pic was snapped in 2016.

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