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Perfection is overrated...sometimes

When it comes to putting your business or voice in print, perfection (or as close as we can get as humans) means credibility and trust

But I get it...we don't all love grammar, punctuation, and spelling. So why not let someone else handle that for you? 

Here are a few other reasons why you should hire a professional proofreader and copy editor:

  1. You're familiar with your content, making it more likely to glance over errors.
    Get some fresh, professional eyes on it! (Honest, constructive feedback is an added bonus.)

  2. Do you have a deep-seeded belief that there should be a statue of limitations on how long you are judged for misused idioms?
    Let an expert help you avoid embarrassment and nip those errors in the bud! I have a deep-seated belief that the statute of limitations should be very forgiving.

  3. Commas...ugh! It's tempting to use the false rule of only adding a comma where there is a natural pause.
    But your job isn't to help your readers's to make sure they understand what you are trying to say. Let a professional handle those tricky comma requirements and rules.

        Why You Should Hire Emily...

        Check out my "Why You Need a Proofreader" Pinterest board for more examples of people and businesses helping to make it super clear as to why you need a proofreader.


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